We were approached by the British Youth band Association (BYBA) to help them with their existing website. BYBA are a non profit charity providing opportunities for young peoples’ personal development through performance within the marching arts.

Their existing website had some noticeable issues with pages missing, so visitors from Google were getting 404 error messages. The charity website also had images missing, and when website visitors were browsing the website on smaller screen sizes, like mobile phones, the website was not showing properly. The new administrators of the charity website also found it very difficult and time consuming to update the existing website. So there was quite a lot of work to do.

The time and cost it would take to fix all the problems on the existing website would have been longer than designing a new website and start from fresh. So, that’s what we agreed to do.

What did the charity need in their new website?

In a nutshell:

  • Make it easy to update the website.
  • Remove old and out dated content.
  • Ensure the website is simple to use for website visitors.
  • Have an online shop so they can sell tickets and merchandise.
  • Have lots of pictures of their membership throughout the website.

After speaking with the charity, we created a new website design and emailed it for them to take a look at provide some feedback. They were super happy with the website design with some minor changes needed. So the charity was more than happy for me to start the website build.

screenshot of byba website

Low cost web hosting

An additional requirement for the new charity website was to change the domain name. This created some additional work to configure the old domain to permanently redirect old website domain traffic to the new domain once the charity website went live. Also, to add the new domain to their existing email service.

The charity also mentioned that they were paying a lot of money for their existing web hosting service. We advised them that they could qualify for discounted web hosting since they are a registered UK charity.

screenshot of byba website
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